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Learn from 12 of Australia's most inspirational women how to command respect, stay driven and get promoted. 

Featuring Jane Huxley, Launa Inman, Tracey Fellows, Janine Allis, Marina Go, Dr Simone Ryan, Amanda Lacaze, Debra Hazelton, Alex Birrell, Helen Trinca, Jodie Fox and Ruth Medd.

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What people are saying about Woman of Influence:

"The 12 remarkable business leaders profiled in Woman Of Influence provided many valuable lessons and insights for anyone working, and interested, in business. Their stories highlight how diversity in leadership teams creates and drives strong business performance and underline that diversity is something all businesses should be working to achieve. This book demonstrates the important role that mentors and sponsors play in nurturing and enhancing the careers and contributions of talented women in business. It also offers a broad range of experiences, ideas and insights that can be applied to any individual and any organisation." 

 - Paul Anderson, CEO, Channel Ten

 “Woman of Influence contains stellar career advice from some of Australia’s most successful and inspirational female executives, and valuable lessons on how to lead a happy, balanced and fulfilling life. Gillian, and the leaders featured in the book, make a vital contribution to a conversation around diversity in the workplace that all Australian businesses, big and small, must have if we are to reach our full potential, and be truly competitive on the world stage." 

- Michael Miller, Executive Chairman, News Corp Australasia

"Woman of Influence is the book that I wish I had as a woman starting out in the workforce. It's a behind the scenes guide to what it takes to succeed as a woman in business. Whether you're a woman who aspires to leadership, or just a more satisfying career, you must read this book." 

- Helen Kellie, Chief Content Officer, SBS 

"Reading Woman of Influence is like sitting down for coffee with 12 of Australia's most accomplished business women. Their stories are inspirational, but also contain plenty of tips that everyone can use to get more from their career, and life. This is outstanding book which was very helpful to me." 

- Gai Waterhouse, Australian Horse Trainer and Business Woman

Woman of Influence is a must read for every woman wanting to advance their career. It is a frank and inspiring career primer that gets you thinking about what you need to do differently to succeed in business. Gillian’s ability to extract the meaningful insights and stories from these 12 incredible women is testament to her deep understanding of the real challenges and opportunities women face in business today.” 

- Karen James, Author and Founder of the ‘On Purpose Hub’

“Gillian's book Woman of Influence brings us a series of interviews, simply crafted and evocatively presented, providing useful observations about growing as a person, developing one’s career and overcoming those uncertainties that, as Gillian shows here, many of us struggle with. The women in this book are all high performers and successful senior executives. Best of all, this book shows they are real people too, living fulfilling lives.” 

- Rob Lourey, Group GM Human Resources, Navitas Limited

"Every year I meet many young women who are looking for mentors to help them build their career. This book is as valuable as any mentoring conversation I've ever been involved in. I'd say to young professionals - absolutely go and hunt for a mentor, but until you find the right person for you, go and read Woman of Influence today.

- Amanda Ianna, Registrar, NSW Registry of Births Deaths & Marriages  

"If Lean In was your manifesto, then Woman of Influence is your practical text book. Powerful practical advice for how emerging female leaders can break through and succeed at the highest levels of business."

- Amanda Dobbie, CEO Women in Banking & Finance 

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